Homestay in Okinawa・沖縄ホームステイ

Hey everyone!


I hope everyone’s doing ok! The new coronavirus has changed the lives of everyone around the world. Same in Japan. Various events including graduation ceremonies have been canceled. We didn’t hold a big graduation ceremony in my school like usual but instead, our teachers just handed out our diplomas in our classrooms. I really wanted to wear a kimono for the first time, but hopefully there will be a next chance to do so! After all, everyone’s safety is more important.


Speaking of cancelled events, I was supposed to go to Kagoshima last month for another homestay program. Sadly, it got cancelled as well. Once this is all over, I hope I’ll get the chance to go.


For the meantime, I’d like to share my homestay experience in Okinawa last year!


I saw this event poster on our school’s bulletin board last December 2018.


I’ve always been interested in Okinawa because of an anime I used to like when I was younger. It was a 6 days, 5 nights homestay program and it was only for ¥49,000. I inquired and signed up right away at our school’s office. You don’t normally see a trip to Okinawa for ¥49,000 so I thought it was the perfect opportunity.

好きなアニメを見たのがきっかけで、沖縄のことを気に入っていたので本当に行きたかったです。このホームステイは 5泊 6日で、参加費は49,000円でした。学校の事務局に相談して、すぐに申し込みました。参加費も安かったから、いいチャンスだったと思いました。

It was finally February! I got to meet the other participants who are mostly Chinese and Taiwanese. I was the only one from the Philippines so I was super nervous.


Day 1

We went to Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium! In my younger days, I read a lot of Japanese (shoujo) manga and you could usually see this place a lot. It’s a lot beautiful in person so please come and visit when you have the chance!


Day 2 to 4

The next day, we rode the ferry to Iejima, an island in Okinawa Prefecture.


It was my first time meeting my host parents. My host mother and father were both really kind. That time, my Japanese was only around N4 level (which was pretty low) so I was honestly afraid whether I can talk to them or not. With the help of my co-participants, I was able to do so. Luckily, there was a Japanese girl in my group. She guided me a lot.

Host motherとhost fatherは日本語で言わないそうなので、以後お父さん、お母さん と書きます。


Our host father took us to see a lot of places around the island.


Our host mother also cooked a lot of yummy meals for us.


My host mother is Chinese but her Japanese was perfect. I wish I could achieve the same someday! We stayed at their fancy house for three days.


The Okinawa dialect was really interesting for me. Even the Japanese participants from Tokyo didn’t understand everything. It really seemed like a different language.


We also climbed Mount Gusuku (Shiroyama).


I also visited the Anti-War Peace Museum (literal translation) in Iejima. Okinawa is known as a critical strategic location for the United States Armed Forces since the end of World War II. Along with photographs of that time, many war relics such as field clothes, farm tools, and bullets tainted with mud and blood were displayed.


Day 5 to 6

We visited the famous Shurijo Castle. It is very sad and unfortunate that a fire broke out 8 months after my visit.


I hope I can eat Okinawa’s famous Taco Rice and Soba again in the future. I won’t forget the taste of their super sweet Pineapples!


Most of the participants joined with their friends and classmates so I didn’t really got the chance to get to know everyone. Most of them also spoke in their native language instead of Japanese so it was kind of difficult at times. It was my first time to join a tour group and though it wasn’t bad, I still prefer travelling with friends.

他の参加者は友達と参加したので、あまり仲良くなれなかった。中国人の参加者も母国語を使っていてばかりでした。次回、友達とまた行きたいな~ 初めて団体旅行に参加したので、やっぱり、個人旅行のほうがいいですね〜

I really wanted to talk more with my host parents but sadly, my Japanese skills weren’t that good that time. Thanks to this experience, I got even more motivated to work harder on my Japanese.


Overall, I think this was a really good experience. Learning the language through books is good and all, but applying what you learned in the real world is a lot better.


I’ll talk about my homestay in Hokkaido on my next post.


See you on the next one!


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